Guide to Texas Hill Country Parks

The Hill Country covers a large swath of South and Central Texas — an impressive 25 counties, all told — and for most nature lovers, it is paradise. Though the region has seen extensive residential and economic growth in the past few years, it is still dominated by breathtaking views and expansive stretches of natural beauty. 

It’s easy to see why people flock to the Texas Hill Country, whether it’s to put down roots or just spend a day getting back to nature. With plenty of natural caverns, springs and — you guessed it — towering hills, the Texas Hill Country is about as scenic as it gets. If you love the great outdoors, you’ll fall in love with the parks of the Hill Country again and again and again! 

Something for Everyone

No matter what draws you to nature, chances are you’ll find it in the parks in the Texas Hill Country. The numerous caverns provide a great opportunity for a bit of subterranean adventure, whether you’re looking for a spelunking experience or simply trying to figure out the difference between a stalagmite and a stalactite. 

Speaking of getting out of the sun, there are plenty of parks that offer the opportunity to do so. Are you a tubing enthusiast, a boater or just looking to cool off? The various creeks, springs and lakes of the Hill Country are perfect for those looking to escape the Texas heat. 

And let’s not forget the obvious: with such incredible hills, hikers are sure to enjoy the view from the trails. Make yourself a punch-card and see how many Texas Hill Country hikes you can cross off your bucket list! Whatever activity you have in mind, pack a bag and make a day out of it; you aren’t likely to tire of these parks anytime soon. 

Our Favorite Texas Hill Country Parks

Having a hard time deciding which park to hit first on your next Hill Country getaway? Here are a few of our favorites. 

Enchanted RockAny list of Texas Hill Country parks would be incomplete without this one. Bordering Gillespie and Llano counties, the second-largest granite dome in the United States is an iconic Texas attraction. You’ve never seen anything like the dome itself, and there are plenty of other activities to keep you busy besides the view. Enchanted Rock is a great spot for hiking and picnicking, but it’s also a major draw for rock climbing enthusiasts — if that’s you, get your gear and get going! 

Pedernales Falls State ParkThis gorgeous Blanco County park on the banks of the Pedernales River has a bit of everything. Whether you’re into hiking trails or biking trails, you’re sure to enjoy the scenery. Or maybe you want to get closer to the animal kingdom and do a bit of horseback riding or check out the butterfly garden. As with many of these parks, you may just have to make a couple trips. 

Garner State ParkThe Frio River is as cool as the name suggests, making it the perfect summer getaway. Go for a paddle and a swim, and then if you’re worried about pruning, take a break for some mini-golf! Garner State Park is located in Uvalde County

Blue Hole ParkWhen it comes to swimming holes, it doesn’t get more beautiful than this Hays County classic. Come cool off in this lagoon that’s as blue as its name, bordered by limestone bluffs and plenty of greenery!

Kerrville-Schreiner ParkThis is one of the Kerr County’s busiest parks, and it’s easy to see why. If you’re looking for a great camping spot — complete with basketball courts, sand volleyball and a recreation hall — make sure to reserve your spot in advance.

Blanco State ParkBlanco may be small, but it packs quite a wallop and should never be overlooked! The springs are absolutely breathtaking and make a great spot for kayaking, swimming or fishing. When you’re ready for a break from the water, head for shore and dry off with a hike. If you’re still not ready to leave Blanco County, you can pitch a tent and do some overnight camping. 

Lyndon B. Johnson State ParkCome see the birthplace of our 36th president! History buffs are sure to love seeing the Texas White House, LBJ’s childhood school and the family cemetery. But that’s not all! Over at the Sauer-Beckmann farm, Gillespie County’s history is still alive and well. Take a step back in time and see what life was like for the German settlers of decades past. While you’re there, you’ll have plenty of chances to see some impressive wildlife, including longhorns and bison; it doesn’t get any more Texas than that! 

And that’s just a start. You really can’t go wrong with the numerous parks dotting the Hill Country. Which one tops your list will simply come down to personal preference (and trust us, it can be like picking your favorite child!).

TexasLand Helps You Find the Best Hill Country Land

The Texas Hill Country is everything we love about Texas, and we aren’t surprised that you feel the same way. With so much great real estate available, you can own your private piece of paradise in the hills. A Texas ranch makes for a great home base when you’re exploring the many natural parks around you; after all, nothing beats a great day of hiking followed by a short trip back to home, sweet home! Then again, with a stretch of the Hill Country to call your own, you might not even need to leave your land to get the nature experience you crave. 

The expert team at TexasLand is here to make your dreams of owning a piece of the Texas Hill Country a reality. We personally preview hundreds of properties every year so that our clients can get right to the best of the best; whether you’re looking for the perfect spot for your dream home, a private game reserve or a seasonal getaway, we are happy to help you find the right fit. Contact us today to start your journey toward becoming a Hill Country parks expert!

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