Beginner’s Guide to Buying Hunting Land

All avid hunters daydream about what their perfect plot of hunting land might look like. If you’ve ever been hunting on someone else’s property, it’s hard not to think about what you would change about it to suit your hunting needs and preferences. 

Hunting, like anything else, is a constantly evolving skill learned through years of practice, self-evaluation and perseverance. The more you learn about something, the more your perspective changes. If you were to ask a new hunter to design his or her ideal plot of hunting land, then show them that design ten years later, that hunter would probably have a hearty laugh at how little they knew at the time. 

What Makes a Parcel of Land Good for Hunting?

To an inexperienced hunter, purchasing hunting land might seem as simple as finding a few wooded acres in the country and calling it a day. But, there is much more to consider. The lay of the land, what type of game, what kind of plant life, and water sources are just some of what you need to consider before committing to a land purchase.

  • Game. Not every type of land is suitable for every type of game. Turkeys, for instance, eat buds, berries, grasses, insects and acorns, among other things. If you are planning on hunting wild turkey on your new parcel of hunting land, make sure that land can support a sustainable population. 

Just like turkeys, deer love acorns and grasses in addition to various fruits and leaves. It’s important that your land contains the things that attract the game you are interested in hunting. Otherwise, you’ll have to install the plants that your preferred game likes to eat, adding time and money to the final price of your land. 

Texas is home to many kinds of wildlife native to the region, but it’s also home to many exotic varieties from Asia, Europe, and North Africa that were brought to the U.S. and have been thriving for decades. Because of the wide variety of game options, Texas is one of the best places to hunt in the world. 

  • Lay of the land. If you plan on spending multiple days on your hunting land, you are probably interested in having a place to set up base camp. Whether that be a simple clearing to set up a tent, or constructing a cabin, you will need to ascertain whether or not the land is suitable. Survey the land to see if there are already existing structures that can be modified to suit your hunting needs.

Something else to consider is that different game animals prefer different types of land — some prefer highlands and some prefer lowlands. Some spend most of their time grazing in open fields, some prefer the protection of the forest canopy. Knowing the habits of the game you are pursuing is important when evaluating a parcel of land that you are considering for purchase. 

  • Water. This one is very important. If there are no lakes, ponds or rivers on the property, this will reduce the odds that the game animals you would like to hunt will be frequenting that land. Hope is not lost, however. A quick glance at a map will tell you if there are streams or ponds nearby. Just because there isn’t a water source on the property itself doesn’t mean that game won’t pass through on their way to a nearby water source. 

A lack of water sources can spell trouble if you are planning on setting up a cabin with kitchen and restroom facilities. When surveying the land, factor in the cost of adding a pond or digging a well. 

How Can TexasLand Help You Buy Hunting Land?

Would you ask a vegan to help you pick out the best cut of steak at the butcher’s shop? Probably not. It also doesn’t make sense to ask a non-hunting real estate agent to help you with a hunting land purchase. 

At TexasLand, we don’t just view real estate photos while sitting at our desks. We do in-person inspections of hundreds of properties a year. As hunters ourselves, we know what to look for in hunting land so that when you’re ready we’ll be able to show you a wide variety of parcels to suit your hunting needs. When you are on a hunt in unfamiliar territory, it helps to have a guide. Real estate is unfamiliar territory for many people. Let TexasLand be your hunting land guide.

We are a company of industry veterans who know all of the ins and outs of Texas real estate. Whether you are on the buying side or selling side, TexasLand has you covered. Let us do the real estate hunting so that you can do the actual hunting. 

To learn more about TexasLand and how we can help with your hunting land purchase or sale, browse Texas hunting landproperties or contact us today.

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